Vincent de Boer

For the Fall / Winter '23 collection, our brand had the opportunity to collaborate with Vincent de Boer, a talented artist whose work we’ve admired for years. His evolution from calligraphy to more illustrative work is something unique. It translates well into clothing, as his style seamlessly merges with the fabrics, creating wearable art pieces. 

Vincent de Boer (Utrecht, 1988) is a contemporary artist hailing from the Netherlands, known for his captivating and innovative artistic expressions. He is fascinated by all aspects of the brush stroke in his creative process, appreciating the complexity of movement and the simplicity of the result. 

With a background in calligraphy, De Boer values directness, high contrast, and above all, attention and honesty in his work. His artistic style seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern influences, continually pushing the boundaries of conventional art forms. Through his dedication to nurturing creativity and his deep connection to the art community, he has not only earned the status of an artist but also become a respected figure in the Dutch art scene. 

For Vincent de Boer, each brush stroke holds its own uniqueness and significance, often turning a simple sketch into a final masterpiece.


Fall/winter '23 campaign

By David van Dartel


Achill Island, Ireland


Achill Island, Ireland


Achill Island, Ireland


Achill Island, Ireland


Achill Island, Ireland