Production process

Curious how and where our clothing is made?

Pinkorange produces in factories in the area of Braga, Portugal. The production starts in the weaving factory where yarns are woven into fabric. Most of our yarn consists of organic cotton.

Next to the process of weaving, the clothing is being send to the dying house where the fabric gets colored.

There follows a long time of tumbling, drying and some other actions to improve the quality of the fabric. They burn little fluffs and shrink the fabric, to avoid shrinking in the future. 

Thereafter the coloured fabric goes to a new factory where a cutting machine automatically makes patterns out of the material. 

The cut fabric gets printed or embroidered in a print house. With certain techniques, like all-over printing, the fabric isn't cut before, but after printing.

Eventualy the printed items arrive at the confection factory to finish the piece. The clothing is carefully packed and ready to be send to The Netherlands.


If you have more questions about the production of our clothing, you may always email us at