Tjitske Oosterholt

Tjitske Oosterholt (1991) is an Amsterdam based artist and designer, who playfully combines analogue and digital techniques, resulting in an array of tactile prints, unique paintings and designed objects.

Having a background in graphic design and artistic research, and a love for photography and painting, Tjitske’s work hovers between various fields. Her poetic and tactile works are made autonomously, but applied in various ways.

With a growing desire to contribute to a more sustainable, circular and responsible approach to art practice, Tjitske’s interest in the transience of the natural world and our relationship to it is taking a centre stage in all creative explorations.

Tjitske her stay on Vlieland resulted in two unique pieces: a navy coton jacket and an off-white T-shirt. In the video above she explains her working process for both the jacket and the T-shirt. 

Sublimation printing is used to create the colourful lining in the navy jacket. Because of the use of different cuts of one roll of fabric, each lining is unique.

The off-white T-shirt features an artwork on the back, created with two different printing techniques, giving more body to the artwork.