Tim Mastik


For our spring/summer '24 collection, we teamed up with the talented artist Tim Mastik. We've been inspired by Tim's work for a long time, there's something special about how he plays around with colors and patterns.

This collaboration is about infusing Tim's work into our everyday wear. His style meshes seamlessly with ours, turning his work into something wearable. Our spring/summer '24 collection is a blend of Tim's creativity and our passion for making clothes that tell a story.

The work of self-taught artist Tim Mastik echoes his obsession with shape, repetition and material. By deconstructing his designs, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates an unexpected dynamic between color and shape.

Geometry and minimalism often form the foundation of his designs. His work is characterized by seemingly simplistic shapes and great attention to detail. The creative process is essential; experiments on materiality play a key role in establishing a personal texture.


Spring/summer '24 campaign

In the world of Pinkorange, where the name pays homage to the colors of the sunset, the spring/summer ‘24 campaign comes to life as a tribute to the sun. Our vision is based on capturing the magic of various moments, from the glow of golden hour to the mysterious calm of the night, to the new light of the sunrise.