Pinkorange meets..
Teun 'Tantu Beats' de Kruif

About Tantu Beats: where does that name come from originally?

Do you remember MSN? There were more Teun’s around us, so everyone had a nickname. When we were 12, one of my friends came up with ‘Tantu Teun’, and when I started making music I took that name as a stage name. At that time everyone was already calling me Tantu. 

What kind of music do you make?

It’s a wide range of music. I would say I use as many sources of sound as possible. A beat is often limited to a certain amount of variations. The creative fulfillment for me is in the method I use for creating sounds. One could see it as an exploration of sounds to, eventually, music. How can I transform every sound I hear into music? Music basically is a repetitive pattern. If I’d record a passing car and I make a sequence of that sound, your brain automatically makes it musical. 

So you get the inspiration from all the sounds around you?

It is more about surprise. If I use a ‘weird’ method of producing music, most of the time I’m not sure how it will sound. The surprise of that sound is what inspires me. Surprise is the main facilitator of creative energy. 


Listen to Teun's work

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