Pinkorange meets..
Sim Fane

How did you start with making music?

When I was in primary school, David Guetta was very popular and I really liked him at that time. I didn’t play any instruments but the feeling of creating music appealed to me, so I downloaded the right software and just started. S/o to David Guetta. 

First I created a lot of EDM, I didn’t knew a lot of different music. When I signed up for Soundcloud I discovered more experimental things, slowly developing into the sound I liked. 

Initially I started with copying the work of others, eventually you realise you can’t really copy those sounds, and by those mistakes you’ll get closer to your own sound. You learn a lot about your way of working. 

As a producer, you often work together. How does that process work?

I like to work with people that are the opposite of me in how they work. It’s difficult when people don’t challenge themselves. The most interesting things come from working together with someone who’s musically very different. At a moment like that, you both work out of your comfort zone, and create something unique. 

Once I was working on quite an emotional track with S10, when Bizzy walked past and just hopped on that song. He’s very different from S10, but both verses were emotional in it’s own way. 

If there’s one thing you still want to learn, what is it?

I really want to quickly translate ideas to music. I notice that it’s still difficult for me when I have an idea to directly translate that idea into music. So for instance I want to start with piano lessons.


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