Pinkorange meets..
Ritse de Jong

How do you express your creativity?

Besides skating I make music with my friends, we’re called Fokke Simons. I like to play with words and search for boundaries in what language I can use. It’s just a nice creative outlet. Performing is the best about it all though, that’s why I wanted to become an artist. Just push all my energy through the crowd. However, I’m always energetic, so I see the stage as a perfect scenery to show that energy.

You live in Amsterdam, but also in Friesland somewhere between the fields

I need that switch, go back to basics so now and then. Sometimes I’m sitting in a tree for half an hour doing nothing but sitting there. This is where I calm down from city life. It’s windy, a tree moves, that’s where I focus on. Recently deer stopped by while I sat in a tree, without noticing me. I really enjoy that. 

Occasionally, I have to pop a wheelie with my dirt bike in the fields too. 

You regularly visit Vlieland too

Whenever I’m on Vlieland, I can feel the feeling of luck flowing through my veins. The first time I cycled there I stumbled upon lots of heather and it felt like I was tripping; it was beautiful. One time I slept on the beach, alone. Around five o’clock in the morning I saw a bright light at the shore, a fisherman on his own. We started talking and after a few hours we knew everything about each other. I cherish those moments, sharing stories about life with a stranger and knowing it will be the only time you will see him.

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