Pinkorange meets..
Luka Boerrigter

How do you express your creativity?

I see myself as an allround filmmaker, not just a director, but also editor and other aspects of film. I like to be in control of everything when I make a video. However, it is also really rewarding to work with a motivated team, when everyone is on the same level. At that moment you feel that a lot is possible. 

What inspires you when you make a video?

Funny enough there is not a particular thing that inspires me. When making a music video, the main thing is that you feel the music. Mostly after hearing a song I get a feeling with it straight away, what eventually results in a specific idea. I archive a lot of images and videos I like. When I’m looking for a specific idea, I refer to that archive. 

What did you think about Vlieland?

I often think about that time, it felt like I was not in the Netherlands. I grew up in the Dutch countryside, surrounded by a lot of nature, so it felt a bit like home. I used to be in nature a lot when I was young, and I’m always surprised how many people in my current life are not familiar with nature at all. 


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