Pinkorange meets..
Jordy den Haan

As a part of Museumnacht Amsterdam, you must visit a lot of museums

We have a lot of meetings in museums, which often coincides with private tours. Especially the last year when the museums were closed, this was quite amazing. However, I also enjoy being in a museum on my own. Sometimes it’s just as interesting to not know the context of the work, it makes you wonder more. 

It seems like a busy job

Because there are plenty of meetings and different museums we work with, it’s nice to have some structure in our daily life. For me, playing football every Saturday is a specific moment of structure. The conversations differ a lot from the conversations at work, different views, insights and problems. It relativizes my work related problems, which you think are about big topics, however not that big compared to other people’s stories. 

It’s also peaceful to know you have those moments every week, like football on a Saturday. In the past there was more structure, while nowadays everything is more fluid. It goes for doing groceries, having meetings etc. I think the lack of structure has an impact on our restlessness. This can be misinterpreted as a feeling of freedom, while it’s often more stressful.

Zeeland is a place where I find peace too. I go there a lot when things are busy with work, especially around Museumnacht Amsterdam in November. There are not a lot of people, which is calming. Instead of vibrant Amsterdam, choices are limited in Zeeland, which gives me a lot of peace. 


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