Pinkorange meets..
Jelle Vissers

Where do you find inspiration and peace?

Most inspiration I get from the people around me over the years, from my teachers on school till the people I worked with in Melbourne, everyone is passionate and tries to push themselves, which is really inspiring. And besides that, everyone can inspire you as long as you are actually open to see it and take it.

In the shower is where the ideas come to me. Sometimes when you wake up you already know that good ideas will come to you that day. 

What made you start your own hair salon? 

Since day one I have been really passionate about hair and basically addicted to it, I always tried new styles and new techniques. If I look back, I can see that I already had my own vision from day one, I just had to put everything in place with the experience that I gained over the years at different hair salons over the world. I always said I did want my own store, back then I probably wanted it because I just wanted a salon, but after the years I have been cutting I actually realized that I did something different than most people. From there I made the decision to open up my own store with my own vision to bring this over to people I work with. I do this by teaching and being in the incitement I believe in. And besides that I also was really interested in actually feeling what it is like to own a company and organise everything around it. And I have to say, this definitely suits me.

It's funny because one day my mother said: “you get your hair cut so often, why don’t you become a barber yourself?

What do you like the most about cutting hair?

If you can execute your own idea about what haircut suits someone the best. That’s why I like to work with models. If I have the freedom to create what I want, I already know it’s gonna be good, because I immediately see what I want to create. The Netherlands still lacks that approach of cutting hair. I think the right approach is to take a good look at who you have in your chair: who is this person and what suits him. For example, one's haircut goes hand in hand with one’s clothing style, it has to fit with someone's style at all times. There is great potential in that. 


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