Hans de Tweede


Hans de Tweede is a street artist based in Amsterdam who started leaving witty, poetic, and sharp texts on walls, bridges, and viaducts during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. His texts are often humorous and thought-provoking. Hans, who signs his work as "HII," admired the work of Amsterdam-based street artists Laser 3.14 and Kamp Seedorf, as well as Basquiat, who also started on the street.

Hans's texts, like "A paradise bird doesn't wait for paradise, but makes it themselves" and "Master, which profile won't give me a burnout?" quickly became popular on social media. Hans's work is known for its humor and relatability, as well as its location. For example, he wrote "Outside the ring is where it happens," as if it were a quote from Badr Hari, in large letters on a viaduct by the A10 in Amsterdam.

Hans has since expanded his artistic range to include tattoos, clothing design, and music production, developing into a multidisciplinary artist. He continues to draw inspiration from his surroundings, and his work often reflects on the fast-changing and uniform nature of contemporary Amsterdam, with many of his texts serving as social commentary on the city.


In this collaboration, Pinkorange has crafted a tribute to the captivating Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder, a hidden church tucked away in the heart of Amsterdam. With unrestricted access to this historical gem, artist Hans de Tweede has breathed life into a unique T-shirt, capturing the essence of its rich cultural heritage. Combining the museum's past with Hans' contemporary art, Pinkorange and Hans de Tweede have co-created a T-shirt featuring an artwork of the museum alongside an evocative quote: "O almachtig algoritme, gun mij uw waardering" (grant me your appreciation, oh mighty algorithm).