Pinkorange meets..
Glodi Lugungu

What kind of a performer are you?

Performing in the moment with a lot of audience interaction makes me thrive; when the lights are on, the audience is seated and I hold the microphone. It’s a switch. As soon as the show ends, I step out of this role of comedian. 

I feel relieved after the first laughter. The flow you’re in can end any moment, you have to be aware of that. I noticed that for a long time my audience found it hard to grasp what my cultural background was and why I was talking with a southern accent. 

Sometimes, people would stare at me for a long time, and halfway through the show I could hear them say: “Ah, he is from Brabant”, and they didn’t get the show at all. So back in the day, I had to provide some context for my audience. 

How do you come up with new jokes?

For me, the idea for a joke starts with overhearing people having different opinions, with both different truths. In a situation like that I think “Wait a minute, there is not really an answer to that”. It inspires me when I hear questions that haven’t been asked before. Therefore, interaction with the audience works really well for me. 

Are there specific places you visit if you want to find inspiration?

A place like that is a comfort zone, the ideal place, almost like your family home, where you can do everything you want. Because I traveled a lot through the Netherlands, I didn’t really have that place. Maybe Toomler is that place for me now, or any other comedy club.  

Being a comedian is feeling you are out of your comfort zone all the time, but you’ve learned how to deal with it. I don’t feel comfortable in that position, nevertheless I’m happy I am a comedian. It’s a great outlet for me. 


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