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Gijs Determeijer

How do you express your creativity?

Funny thing is, I’m not creative at all. I am creative in a way that I come up with ideas to raise awareness about people. I always had the tendency to help creatives. There are creatives who struggle with producing work or making deals, and I like to help them with that part. I love to work with artists and collect art too. 

How do you find artists you want to work with?

You have to be open for new talent, go to graduating shows etc. A lot of it is taking place online too. At this moment many artists are reaching out to Halal itself. My focus is now on international artists and giving them a platform in The Netherlands. Important is that one can apply the art, for example for a client or other audience. Of course personality and a good relationship is also important.

You’ve been on some of the Dutch islands, what do you like about it?

The Dutch islands are incredible, but it’s funny to see that there are clear differences between them. For example Texel and Vlieland have completely different atmospheres. It’s always really relaxed to be at one of the islands. I just saw an advertisement of a Michelin-starred restaurant, with delivery through the whole country, except for the islands. I think that’s great, a place where they don’t go. You have to look more after yourself if you’re from an island. When we produce a movie on the islands it’s always wonderful: everyone tries to help  and knows someone who knows someone with a tractor, you know. It seems that everyone likes that you are there. 

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