Fenna Schilling 

Fenna Schilling - Into The Great Wide Open - Pinkorange

Fenna Schilling's art journey has been quite a ride. She started by nervously showing her first collages and designing a cassette tape cover for an underground music label in Amsterdam. Now, she's achieved so much, including collaborations and exhibitions in LA and Tokyo.


Fenna's creative process is unique. She finds inspiration by observing the world around her, from nature to people. Her mind empties when she works, making it a form of relaxation.

Her collages are based on images from her collection of books, which she finds in thrift stores and sometimes even on the streets. She goes for books with fascinating textures, shapes, and colors.


What sets her work apart is her spontaneous approach. She doesn't plan things out but lets the process evolve naturally. She uses a scanner to alter images, creating a sense of surprise.

Fenna finds inspiration in surreal artists like Dali and contemporary creators who engage all the senses in their work. She's particularly drawn to those who bend reality and create bizarre scenes.


Her all-time favorite artist is Malin Gabriella Nordin, whose colorful and hopeful work inspires her. Fenna hopes to hang a Nordin painting in her home someday. These artists continue to fuel her creative journey.

Last summer we invited Fenna Schilling to Vlieland, for the capsule collection of festival Into The Great Wide Open.