Pinkorange meets..
Bob Sizoo

How do you express your creativity?

In several ways. I paint a lot, in my studio based in Amsterdam-Noord, and besides I’m a director for music videos. Originally I’m a photographer, but that has been on a low key lately. 

What inspires you?

I take my inspiration from lots of sources: (social) media, society and things I have experienced in the past. I see painting as a way to process these experiences, by translating them to an artwork.

The people around me also inspire me. My brothers and friends are working here too, we are all connected. In this way we can support each other and contribute to each others projects.

How often are you in nature?

I’m not in nature that often, but I can really enjoy it when I’m there. However it plays a major role in my art, I feel really good in the city now with making art. 

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