Pinkorange meets..

Tell us about your new EP

In March last year I made the first demo, I finally found the space to create what I was thinking about for a long time. The demo resulted in six tracks, my new EP. The first single will be released in March.

My music is influenced by a lot of styles: jazz, latin and also gospel. Gospel is my base, I used to play a lot on Sundays in the church. That’s the place where I learned to play every instrument. 

How do you start with creating a track?

Most of the time, funny enough, inspiration for my music arises from boredom. It is in moments when I’m doing nothing. The moment is always spontanoues and impulsive. On a certain moment in the creation process there is a spark, and then I know it’s going in the right direction. From the moment I get inspired, I work concentrated and structured to finish the track. 

This year I toured the Netherlands with Akwasi as the leader of his band. We did 19 shows in total, but because of covid we sometimes did six shows an evening. That was intense. It was at the moment I was finishing my EP. It was so busy I couldn’t create my own stuff, I could only perform. However, when the tour was finished I had a lot of inspiration for new music. 

So you have to find peace to create?

I think it’s good to keep it dynamic. Not only search for peace, but also have the impulses from the city. It’s a positive development that we have access to so much information through the internet nowadays, however I think you also need to find moments for yourself and close yourself off from all that. Does boredom still exist in this age? I think boredom is a very interesting creative moment. Clarify what is important to you, and finding time and space to contemplate.

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